For some time I have had some ideas for the new layout that would have replaced the old Tap Creek. Now I have instead transferred this idea to the new space available in the “cupboard”.

– I want to try my hand at desert scenery. Lately I have come across a lot of deserts scene pictures. I take that as a sign.

– I have also “stumbled over” the Southern Pacific (SP) every now and then during the recent time, and I find the red and gray “Blood Noose” paint scheme really stunning. Especially in a desolate desert setting. So the layout will be SP inspired.

– There will be mostly main-line running, but some “action” as well. The summit of some mountain pass, where helper engines are taken out of consists seems to be a good compromise.

– A possibility for continuous running is a must. I have lived with a short point-to-point layout for too long now

Below is the track plan I am considering right now.

Blog Image

The main scene is at the top and to the right in the picture: The actual Summit. Here is a passing siding and a spur where cut-off helpers can be stored, waiting for the return trip. There is also a team track, for the occasional freight to the community of Summit.

At the bottom in the picture is another desert scene. It just shows the main-line, as it winds its way up towards Summit. I envision something like the Tehachapi tunnels here.

To the left, across the door opening is a lift-out section that serves two purposes. It enables continuous running and also serves as staging.

The track plan includes some very narrow and unrealistic 20 cm radii (~ 8”) curves, but none of these curves will be visible.

This layout will not allow for much operation, but that is not my goal either. I see the layout as a large diorama, with a train running potential. It will be fun to build and scenic and hopefully allow for some nice photos