Today’s accomplishment was to get the valance in place. I had earlier mounted shelves above the layout. The shelves serve two purposes – holding the layout lightning and valance, and providing storage space above the layout.

I mounted the shelves using the same type of brackets as I used for the layout itself, and used the same metal studs. Once the shelves where in place I mounted flouroscent light tubes on the underside. I used the same type of tubes as on my previous Tap Creek layout. They are compact, easy to mount and gives a nice light.

With the lights in place I ripped some masonite and installed it along the edge of the shelves as a valance. Well, not exactly along the edge. The shelves are square but the valance follows the layout contour below.

The picture below, shot through the door opening, shows the final result.

Blog Image

The next shot shows what it looks like when you are closer to the layout, in a more normal viewing position. I think the valance does a good you job of hiding the light fixtures, and giving a undisturbed view of the scene to be.

Blog Image

The last photo is take from below, showing the light tubes on the underside of the middle section shelf.

Blog Image

Eventually I will paint the valence but I will not do that until I have also installed the fascia. And that will not be done until I have finalized the landscape contours.

Things are shaping up and now I am more or less ready to start on the actual layout.