While slowly working along with my curved turnout assembly I also try to find other small projects to get some variation. I accomplished one such project this evening.

Some time ago I bought some Fox Valley metal wheel sets. They are low-profile (have low wheel flanges) and come in some different flavors:

– Different axle lengths to fit different makes of trucks
– Different wheel diameters

I bought 33″ wheels with .540″ axles for Micro-Trains trucks and .553″ axles which will among other fit newer Atlas trucks. Today I set out to replace the wheels on my 50′ and longer freight cars (mostly boxcars).

I think the look generally improved and in some cases the cars also roll noticably better. Here is a photo of a flat-car with Fox Valley wheels on the left truck and the original Micro-Trains plastic wheels on the right truck.

The metal wheels look more distinct, and the wheel flanges are not that apparent. Click here to view a larger picture.