Since I am currently struggling with a number of handlaid turnouts, when time permits, I realized I needed a good way of testíng them. I wanted a test car that, when pushed across the turnouts, exposed as much as possible of the wheels and the rails. Since the tolerances required by a turnout very much depends on the type of wheels you intend to use on your cars I decided to build my car using Fox Valley wheels, which is the type of wheels I have decided to use for this layout.

This is what I used to build the car, and is stuff I already had at hand
– a pair of old trucks with Rapido couplers
– a couple of truck king pins
– a few washers
– a piece of Plastruct rectangular tubing for the beam.
– four Fox Valley wheels

I started by removing the Rapído couplers from the trucks. I then cut the tubing to the length of a 50 ft car and drilled a hole at each end, large enough to accept the king bin. Then it was simple matter of mounting the trucks to the beam (tubing), with a number of washers in between so that they would swivel freely, and then install the wheels. The complete project took no more than 10 minutes.

Here are a couple of pictures of the finished car.