As you might have noticed nothing much has happened on the layout lately. This for a number of reasons, one being the fact I have tired of glueing tie plates and building turnouts in the way I have described in earlier posts. Although the result might be visually pleasing I have come to doubt the reliability and smooth operation of the resulting track work (turnouts). And it all takes a lot of time and effort.

So right now I am considering various options to get out of this situation, where I seem to do nothing construtive at all.

– Finish the layout as planned but using flex track and commercial turnouts for the remaining track work

– As above but hand-lay the turnouts using a more standard way (PCB ties)

– Start all over with another track plan, but still SP on the Tehachapis.

In the mean time I went out to the layout room and shot a few pictures, just to keep my spirits up (I must admit I like what I have so far).