In our new home I will have a corner about 330 cm x 180 cm (11 ft x 6 ft) at my disposal for a new layout. I have made a first attempt at a track plan. It will be the Tehachapi tunnels again. That was the purpose of the previous layout and since I did not get to finish that one I want to do give it a second try.

And built for railfanning – I want to see trains pass. Here is the plan.

It is very simplistic. Two stretches of main line between some tunnels. And behind the scenery a few staging tracks. In this way I can focus on the track and the landscape surrounding it, and get a nice setup for some nice looking trains.

I can’t wait! But have to. It is not yet time to move, and when we do I’ll probably be busy getting other stuff up and running before I can turn my attention to the layout.