The benchwork is more or less in place. It is an open grid made out of 1×4’s (or rather the Swedish metric equivalent). It is quite sturdy, for N scale. But that is partly because I wanted to keep the number of steel wall studs down and at the same time be sure that the layout would not sag.

I built the complete structure on the floor. I figured it would be easier to get everyhing even and square in that way. Here is the complete box, standing on its front.

Next I screwed the wall steel studs and brackets to the wall.

Next it was a simple thing to lift the benchwork and lay it down on the brackets. The benchwork has not yet been screwed to the brackets, partly because I have not yet decided on the best height. The brackets can be easily moved to test different heights.

When coming up the stairway you have a good view of the underside of the benchwork, as seen in the next photo. Since that part of a layout will be mostly wires, I decided to try to hide it.

So I used MDF (Medium Density Fiber) board to make some hatches. They will easily fold down when I need to work under the layout, but will otherwise hide all the wires and stuff. In the next photo you can see the MDF board hatches, in their “up” position. They will soon become “foldable”.