I have started work on the siding. As I think I mentioned earlier I have decided to use code 40 track for the siding. Which also means I am handlaying it. This because rolling stock and engines have a tendency to catch the “spikes” on code 40 flextrack. At least that is what I have heard. The same problem does not exist for handlaid code 40 track.

I am using wood ties from Kappler. I have pre-stained them by soaking them in a wash of water and black water color. This gives them a grey aged look.

I started by making a pencil mark on the track centre line for each tie. In this case I did that by first laying the edge of a piece of paper along the already laid flextrack and making a mark on the paper for each tie . I then moved the paper to the siding roadbed, now making tie marks along the track centre line, using the marks on the paper as a reference.

Then I laid the ties I used eye sight only. I took a tie with a pair of tweezers, dipped it in white glue and then put it down in place, on the earlier made mark. This did not centre them exactly, or put them at an exact distance from the previous one. On the contrary, but that just gives the track a more realistic appearance.

The wood ties are a little higher than the flextrack ties, so the top of code 40 track will end up nearly at the same height as the code 50 track, as can be seen in the picture above. Some filing of the flextrack, or some tie plates on the first few wood ties, will fix the slight height difference.