I’m still working on the scenery, but by now most of it is done. It is more or less only the hill above tunnel 15 remaining. Apart from the odd tree and track side details like telegraph poles. Here is a view railroad east, towards tunnel 16.

And this is in the opposite direction. As you can see there is still no scenery on the hill above the tunnel.

My scenery technique is very straightforward and includes no surprises, but I though I could show it anyway. The first picture shows the next area to scenic, while still being nothing more than painted foam.

The first thing I do is to pour some white glue over the area in question.

Then I spread the glue using a brush dipped in some water so that the glue will flow a little easier.

Next I pour some natural sand, starting at the top and letting the excess sand find its own way down the slope.

Then its time for some more glue, in the form of a water and glue mix. But before that I soak the area in denaturated alcohol.

And here comes the water and glue mix.

Followed by more sand, of a sligthly different grade and color. At this step I use a house-hold stainer to sift the sand through. This to get rid of the larger pebbles.

Following the sand are different shades of static grass. In this case I want the colors to be very subdued so I use Wild Honey and Burnt Grass only. Once again, I use the stainer to sift and spread the grass.

Last I put on some foliage and turf (Light Green and Burn Grass), but only in a few selected spots where some dampness might stick, such as below larger stones and rocks.

In the photo above there is still a lot of water and glue shining through. Once that has dried the overall impression will be better, and the newly done area will blend with the scenery to the left.