Today I placed the first signal on the layout and test lit it. Here is a train waiting for the signal to clear.

The clearance is a little tight. When laying the track I did not give enough thought to the fact that I needed space between the tracks for a signal. But it works even if it is a close fit when the hi-cubes pass, leaning inwards on the super-elevated curve.

The prototype avoids a similar problem by letting the siding curve around the signal as seen here – or perhaps there is another reason why the track curves as it does.

The signal remains to be bonded to the ground, and the electrical connections are still only temporary with the signal under total manual control (terminal strip and screw driver). I have not yet decided how to control the signals, so this was a quick fix just because I was eager to se the signals in place and lit. In the next picture I have managed to make the signal turn green.

Last is a side shot of the signal. This picture also gives a nice view of the rail size difference between the main line (code 55) and the siding (code 40), especially if you click on it to get a larger picture.