The signals at the other end of the siding, outside tunnel 16, are in place. As at the opposite end I had some clearance problems with the signal between the tracks (this time the dwarf), which forced me to place the signal farther way from the turnout than I had wanted. But it’s OK. No big deal. Here are some photos.

I have also strung some sewing thread between the telegraph poles. The idea was that it should pass as electrical cabling. I am not sure whether I like the result or not. I had to tighten the thread or it would curl in an unrealistic way. But now it looks to tight I think. Real wire sags a little under its own weight which mine does not. For the time being I will let it remain.

Last, here is a photo of two new cars – two PS-4000 Covered hoppers from BLMA Models. Really nice models with metal wheel sets, body mounted couplers and see-through etched metal roof walks. Click on it to see a larger version at higher resolution.