I finally came around to do some trees. It is not only laziness that has kept me. I have also waited for the live bush, a Spirea bush, I wanted to use to reach the proper state. This is what the Spirea looks like when it blooms.

Around this time of year the flowers have withered and can be “harvested”.

After some pruning I ended up with this little forest of various size trees.

A piece of extruded foam is ideal to stick the trees into while being made over.

Next I mixed some water and white glue in a plastic bowl. More water than glue. A kind of milky liquid is good. Then I dipped a “tree” in the glue mix…

…and then into a plastic container with some Woodland Scenics turf. When needed, I used my fingers to scoop and sprinkle the turf so that I got a good cover.

I actually had two jars. One with Burnt Grass Turf and another with Green Blend. To get some variation I used the burnt grass for some trees and the green blend for others. Some of them even got a little of both. Here is a finished tree, with the green blend…

…and the complete batch.

Finally, I planted the trees on the layout. This batch was enough for the area around tunnel #16.